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On behalf of the Africa RISING project here in the Ethiopian highlands, we wish all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia a blessed and Prosperous New Year 2008. Continue reading

Africa RISING, Sep/2015

Despite significant progress in increasing livestock production in Ethiopia, analysis of livestock production and consumption by the Livestock State Ministry (LSM) and ILRI show a huge shortfall in the supply of livestock products. Detailed interdisciplinary research provides clear empirical evidence of the potential benefits of a comprehensive livestock master plan (LMP) for Ethiopia. In the absence of investment, these gaps will grow, causing food insecurity and other important economic and social repercussions. Continue reading

ILRI news blog, Sep/2015

Frédéric Baudron, senior tropical agronomist at the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) in Ethiopia, introduces himself and his work with the program. Continue reading

Africa RISING, Sep/2015

Better harvesting tools and post-harvest handling processes introduced by the LIVES project have improved smallholder mango production in Gamo Gofa zone of Ethiopia. Continue reading

LIVES, Sep/2015

Investment in livestock agriculture in Ethiopia has the potential to halve poverty, improve the food security of rural people and make livestock an increasing contributor to GDP growth. The Ethiopia livestock master plan (LMP) sets out ambitious year 2020 targets for several livestock value chains—crossbred dairy cows, red meat-milk and feedlot, and poultry. The 2020 targets aim to increase meat, milk and egg production by 58%, 83% and 828% respectively above 2012/2013 totals. Continue reading

ILRI news blog, Sep/2015

The Africa RISING project in the Ethiopian highlands recently organized a writeshop (4-7 August 2015) to help researchers document results and findings for wider application. Continue reading

Africa RISING, Aug/2015

Livestock production accounts for approximately one third of the global water footprint, and Ethiopia is no different. A scarce commodity in the country, water availability has been aggravated by climatic fluctuations and rapid economic growth. With the potential consequences for human health of a lack of quality drinking water, as well as for the country's development, there is a strong case for enhancing the role of research for development in understanding better how limited water resources can be used. Continue reading

ILRI news blog, Aug/2015

Transhumance livestock production is extensive, and has little market orientation. Households engaged in the production system own large numbers of indigenous livestock compared to sedentary producers. Continue reading

LIVES, Aug/2015

Oromia Insurance Company (OIC), the lone index based insurer of livestock in the country, has launched a new scheme that will entail paying compensation for livestock ahead of the drought season instead of after, as it was originally done. Continue reading

ILRI clippings, Aug/2015

IBLI is highlighted this week in Ethiopia's weekly, English Newspaper Addis Fortune. It describes Oromia Insurance Company (OIC)'s efforts to insure livestock in the country through the index-based insurance scheme which compensates pastoralists for forage scarcity in order to keep their animals alive in times of severe drought. Continue reading

IBLI, Aug/2015