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To address gaps in the dairy production in the region, the Oromia Livestock Development and Health Agency (OLDHA) in partnership with the LIVES project established the Oromia dairy platform, on 6 November 2014, which will create a dialog and policy forum for relevant stakeholders in the dairy sector. Continue reading

LIVES, Dec/2014

This poster, prepared for the ILRI@40 series of events, gives an overview of efforts to improve rainwater management in Ethiopia using the Nile-Goblet tool in the Nile Basin Development Challenge project.

NBDC, Dec/2014

The master plan, which ILRI contributed to, is based on a qualitative and fact-based livestock sector model and analysis. The new plan will see improvement in Ethiopia’s poultry breeds and forages and the creation and maintenance of a livestock population database in the country. Continue reading

ILRI clippings, Dec/2014

This case study explains how IBLI used satellite data to insure camels, cows, sheep and goats to develop the world’s
first insurance for African pastoralists. Continue reading

IBLI, Nov/2014

Earlier this year scientists from ICARDA and national partners carried out livestock feed assessments in 12 districts in Ethiopia. The twelve reports are online in the Africa RISING repository. Continue reading

Africa RISING, Nov/2014

Azage Tegegne, who leads the Livestock and Irrigation Value chains for Ethiopian Smallholders (LIVES) project has been honoured by the Ethiopian Government for his role in improving dairy cattle genetics and dairy value chain development in the country. Continue reading

LIVES, Nov/2014

Dr Kebede Amenu, a lecturer at Hawassa University, has been awarded the Postdoctoral Fellowship in Sub-Saharan Africa by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The purpose of the program is to provide opportunities to post-doctoral researchers from Sub-Saharan Africa to conduct co-operative research within the region, under the guidance of a host research institution. Continue reading

Safe Food Fair Food, Nov/2014

Ethiopia's millions of cattle owners face challenges to increase the productivity of their animals. They often struggle to keep them healthy and well-fed. Managing the quality of the breed is one of the challenges that is getting better, thanks to improvements in the ways that artificial insemination (AI) services are provided. Continue reading

LIVES, Nov/2014

This photofilm explains how a farmer cooperative in Endamehoni woreda (Ethiopia) organized itself to produce and distribute seed potatoes. Continue reading

Africa RISING, Nov/2014

As the world of finance continues to evolve the need for insurance also is growing both in Ethiopia and around the world. However rural communities and especially pastoralist communities tended until recently to have been denied access to insurance among other reasons being their remoteness and lack of specialized insurance scheme for their community. But that’s about to change as Oromia Insurance Company Share Company (OIC) one of the newest entrants to the industry has embarked on covering this often neglected community starting with the Borena pastoralist community Continue reading

IBLI, Nov/2014